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An Historical and Comparative Encyclopaedia of Chinese Conceptual Schemes
Founding Editor: Christoph Harbsmeier 何莫邪; Associate Editor: Jiang Shaoyu 蔣紹愚
General Editor: Christian Schwermann 史克禮; Technical Editor: Christian Wittern 維習安

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  • The Thesaurus Linguae Sericae (TLS) is designed as as a collaborative forum for discussion on the close reading of Chinese texts.
  • TLS provides a corpus of classical Chinese texts wherever possible with interlinear translations.
  • TLS links the texts incorporated with an analytic dictionary of the Chinese language.
  • TLS pays special attention to historical keywords.
  • TLS works towards a cross-cultural study of conceptual history.
  • TLS compiles a detailed synonym dictionary of Chinese.
  • TLS systematically organises the Chinese vocabulary in taxonomic hierarchies of synonym groups.
  • TLS develops a system of syntactic categories for the analysis of Chinese texts.
  • TLS develops a system of rhetorical devices for the analysis of Chinese texts.
  • TLS deploys a system of standard semantic relations, aiming to define the Chinese conceptual space as a relational space.
  • TLS seeks to make available up-to-date databases on historical phonology and the history of Chinese characters.

Cautionary Notes

  • Following its recent structural redesign, the database will continue to be refined and proofread. Caveat lector!

Please acknowledge your use of TLS in your publications.


  • 《漢學文典》(TLS) 是一個為了詳細研究中文文獻而建立的合作性資料庫。
  • 《漢學文典》彙編了大量的古代漢語文獻,並提供了這些文獻盡可能詳細地逐行翻譯。
  • 《漢學文典》將這些文獻納入了一個提供詳細分析的漢語字典中以便於研究。
  • 《漢學文典》特別關注一些有歷史意義的關鍵字詞。
  • 《漢學文典》致力於歷史性概念的跨文化研究。
  • 《漢學文典》編制了一套詳細的中文同義詞詞典。
  • 《漢學文典》系統地按照同義分類學對中文辭彙進行了彙編。
  • 《漢學文典》開發出了一套句法範疇來研究中文文獻的系統。
  • 《漢學文典》開發出了一套修辭手法來研究中文文獻的系統。
  • 《漢學文典》設計了一套以標準語義學關係為藍本的系統,以便於對照中文的相關概念。
  • 《漢學文典》致力於完成關於歷史音韻學和中國漢字史的最新資料庫。


  • 該資料庫只是一個還在不斷完善中的線上翻譯工具。
  • 因為經費原因,《漢學文典》中的很多內容沒有經過詳細的校對。


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